What steps do I need to take to lease furniture?

  1. Choose a furniture package. It’s not required, but you are welcome to set up an appointment to view our showroom.

  2. Contact us to request a credit application.

  3. Once approved, we will email you a link to the contract.

  4. We will work with you to finalize delivery options, time, and other details.

  5. Enjoy your furniture!


Where can I find furniture styles and housewares add-ons?

View our furniture leasing packages and housewares add-on, then reach out to us via our contact form or call us at 612.605.1555. We are happy to chat with you and learn about your needs.


Do I need to make an appointment if I choose to visit the showroom?

Yes! Please, get in touch via our contact form or call our office to at 612.605.1555 to set up a time. We are able to accommodate most times, including evenings.


Can you process my application online?

Yes! For those who are coming in from out of state or simply busy, everything can be handled over email.


Can I customize a package just for my needs?

You bet! We have a large variety of furniture to mix and match to suit your preferences. We can assemble a package with just the items you need.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept EFT, checks, and money orders. We also accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, with a minimal processing fee.


When is the monthly furniture payment due?

Payment is due on the first of the month. Late fees begin on the 5th. Your prompt payment is appreciated!


What kind of deposit required?

Typically, no deposit is required, however, we do hold your credit card number on file.


What do you need in order to lease furniture?

After the credit application, all you need is a credit card and 1st month’s rent, plus payment for the delivery fee. Your credit card number will be kept on file. 


Do you offer a housewares package?

Yes, we can tailor the housewares to suit your needs. It can be as simple or as detailed as you desire. Contact us for pricing.


What is the minimum lease term?

We offer a lease agreement as short as 3 months. Need it for a shorter period? Call us at 612.605.1555 or get in touch via our contact form to see what we can do.


What do I do to end my lease?

We kindly ask for a 30 day written notice which can be sent via email. After the lease terms have been met, the lease will automatically continue on a month-to-month basis until notice is given. Ready to give notice? Just contact us, and we will schedule a pick up date and time.


May we move the furniture ourselves?

Sorry, no. The initial delivery as well as any subsequent moves of the furniture must be done by Flynn Furniture Leasing. Should you have a need to move furniture from one location to another, just let us know and we will arrange the transfer.

How quickly can you deliver the furniture after we are approved and payment is made?

Depending on location and schedule, we are usually able to deliver next day.


Have another question for us?

Get in touch via our contact form and we will respond promptly or call our office to at 612.605.1555.